Two new items have been added to Nerdland today.

First, on the left hand side you will see a link to a new section entitled “Unstumping the Internet“. The purpose of this section, as its index page explains, is

This set of pages is for cataloging relatively brief answers to questions that I had to figure out myself after being unable to find the answer on the Internet. […] When I encounter a question that I cannot find an answer for on the Internet, and especially if in my searching I notice that several other people have asked this question with no satisfactory answer, I will post the answer here when I discover it. The hope is that next time someone searches the Internet for this question, they will find my answer.

So this section is not something that I expect anyone to read frequently, or even at all. I’m not going to be posting to the front page when I add new articles there, as the whole point of this section is to not clutter the front page with items of limited interest and minimal depth. Instead, I hope that these pages will visited primarily as the results of search engine queries.

Secondly, on the right hand side, there is a new section of links entitled “Interesting Items Elsewhere”. This is a listing of the last few items from other weblogs (or other sorts of feeds) that I have found most interesting. This is in fact tied to my Google Reader account, and displays items that I have “shared”, so these may not always be completely serious or computer-related. You can click on the “more” link at the bottom to see everything I’ve shared, as opposed to just the few most recent items.