Unstumping the Internet

This set of pages is for cataloging relatively brief answers to questions that I had to figure out myself after being unable to find the answer on the Internet.

These days, we like to think of the Internet as being all-knowing, but of course the only way that so much information gets on the Internet in the first place is because people put forth the effort to make it available online. Unfortunately, sometimes there is information that no one has made available, or at least has not been made available in a way that is easy to search for and find.

When I encounter a question that I cannot find an answer for on the Internet, and especially if in my searching I notice that several other people have asked this question with no satisfactory answer, I will post the answer here when I discover it. The hope is that next time someone searches the Internet for this question, they will find my answer.

These questions will be mostly computer-related, as is the nature of Nerdland, but I am not constraining them to be only within that subject. Also, please don’t comment to note that the answer does indeed exist somewhere else on the Internet. If I could not find it, it is probably sufficiently hard to find (or the keywords are sufficiently hard to get right) that it would only be helped by being repeated here.

If I end up posting a lot of these, I may categorize them, but for now this index page will just be a list.

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